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Are you considering a loft conversion?  Need more space to expand?  If the answer is yes, then our site will be of great interest to you.  From information about the planning process to the completion, our website is an all you need to know about loft conversions.  We have added hundreds of photos and videos to our portfolio page, allowing your imagination to run wild with the possibilities of converting your loft.  

Based in Portsmouth we are a well established local company with over 20 years experience.  Having completed in excess of 400 loft conversions.  We are able to beautifully design and construct the most complex of conversions giving you total peace of mind before, during and after the process.  We pride ourselves on our workmanship and personal approach to each unique project.  Our employees are fully qualified tradesmen, employed for their expertise and skill (no sub-contracting).  Expanding your home can be a complex task and will need considerable commitment from all the participants involved.  Our dedicated team of Surveyors, Carpenters, Roofers, Electricians, Plumbers and Plasterers are fully committed to providing the highest quality service possible.  All the products and materials we use are of the highest quality.  All our loft conversions come with a 10 year guarantee.

Does a loft conversion add value?  In our opinion yes it does, in practically all cases.  Should it be the first choice of residential development?  No, if your property has surrounding ground that allows alternative solutions then an extension should be considered.  However, a loft conversion will cost significantly less than an extension.

So if you are considering a loft conversion, please call us on 023 9261 5237, complete the form below or e-mail us to arrange your free no obligation survey.

We cover Portsmouth and surrounding areas.    

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