Loft Conversion & Conservatory.

Our latest loft conversion video is here.   A large detached bungalow with three existing bedrooms.  Three additional double bedrooms all with en-suite shower rooms were designed and built by our team of experts.  Seven pitched roof dormers and a hip to gable build are also included with the build.  A hexagonal conservatory with glass roof also included in the project.  A comprehensive selection of our previous loft conversions can be seen on our Videos Page.


Loft Conversion

A builder has been landed with a fine and costs of almost £5,000 for an illegal loft conversion that could have put lives at risk.  Stuart Payne, 36, pleaded guilty to five counts of breaching building regulations for putting in the loft conversion at a two-bedroom home he built in Ravenswood, Titchfield Common.  Payne, who trades as Tildan Construction, asked Fareham Borough Council whether he would be able to convert the roof space to form an additional room.  But because of the open plan layout of the house, he was given clear advice that if he did so it would result in serious and dangerous contraventions of fire safety regulations and it would create a considerable risk to the safety of anyone living there.  However, he went ahead with the conversion and finished it in May 2008 in order to rent it out.  He was later caught out after council inspectors were given a tip-off.  Payne, of The Green, Sarisbury Green, was fined £3,500 and ordered to pay £1,285.94 in costs at Fareham Magistrates’ Court.

Councillor Arthur Mandry, who is in charge of the council’s building control partnership, said: ‘These offences were both serious and premeditated and were a breach of the building regulations.  ‘Mr Payne’s blatant disregard for the regulations and the advice we had given him had potentially put his tenants’ lives at risk in the event of a fire in this property.  ‘This was a new house that had been illegally altered to form a loft conversion. I am delighted that fines totalling £3,500 have been imposed, and feel sure that this will act as a deterrent to others.’

Since the unauthorised works were identified the building control partnership, on behalf of Fareham Borough Council, has used its enforcement powers to ensure that the works are corrected and brought into line with building regulations.  They include the installation of a domestic sprinkler system, fire doors and additional fire resisting linings to the floors and underside of stairs.  Additional smoke detection measures, a staircase handrail, additional thermal insulation, fire-resisting down lighters and works to the existing drainage system were also ordered.

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Loft Conversion

Residents are being warned about the dangers of carrying out DIY loft extensions after crews struggled to access a fire.  The landlord of a house in Aspley was issued a prohibition notice for converting the loft into a bedroom without council permission.  The property caught fire and fire fighters could not access the loft as the hatch space was too narrow.  A Gedling Borough Council spokesman said conversions had to be safe.  “A loft conversion can be a cost-effective way of creating more space within a house but it is essential the room is safe for people to use it,” said David Ewing, Building Control manager at Gedling Borough Council.  “Carrying out work without the necessary permissions may also invalidate their house insurance in the event of a fire or structural problems.”  A prohibition notice means a loft space and/or property cannot be occupied until the loft meets building regulation standards.

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This loft conversion will be constructed creating one bedroom with an en-suite bath/ shower room.

This can now be viewed on our gallery page.  Loft Conversion Southsea

The Loft Conversion Company Ltd have just started a loft conversion to a 3 bedroom semi-detached house in Southsea, Portsmouth.  The loft conversion will consist of one bedroom with an en-suite bath/ shower room, a rear flat roof dormer and gable wall construction.  Also the entire roof will be replace with new felt, batten and slates.  Not all loft conversions require a whole new roof.  We carry out an assessment of the existing tiles/ slates at the initial survey.







This week we have been busy removing the old slates. RSJ steels have been inserted and the rear elevation flat roof dormer has been constructed. The gable wall to the loft conversion has also been constructed. The weather has been extremely pleasant for this time of year so we made some good progress.












The plastering to the loft conversion is well under way. This is always a good stage of the loft conversion as it totally transforms the loft into a room. And of course the stairs have been installed so our client can easily view the room.


Flashing kits around the Velux windows are unique to the type of slate or tile covering the roof. Using the wrong flashing kit will make the unit leak. A good and sound installation of the roof light window and the correct flashing kit will guarantee a permanent water tight fitting of the unit. The position of the Velux windows is also an important factor, such as the height from the floor and dark areas in the loft.







This is a semi-detached house so the new roof covering will have to abut the adjoining neighbours existing slates. A neat and consistent line at the boundary will leave a nice tidy finish. An example of how this is achieved is shown in the photo. The Velux window shown here is for the stairwell.



The rear elevation flat roof dormer window has been installed. This is double glazed Argon gas filled glass cavity with strengthened uPVC framework. The interior of the glass is coated with a special Planitherm film which has been proven to be the most energy-efficient window glass available in the UK.



Pebble dash render to the side elevation gable wall of the loft conversion in Southsea. Two/ three coats of masonry paint will be applied once the mortar render mix has fully set.


Loft conversion project complete and more photos to follow shortly.

Loft Conversion in Southsea (Devonshire Ave)

Loft Conversion in Winchester day 1. This loft conversion will involve a hip to gable wall construction creating one bedroom. Velux windows to be installed to front and rear elevations.



Sometimes it is hard to visualise how your loft conversion will look before it is converted, especially the staircase position and how it will fit. Even after looking at the architectural drawings we provide it can still be difficult, so to help we have provided a selection of videos of the most popular loft conversions.

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We specialise in all aspects of loft conversions and take pride in a job well done. From creating an extra bedroom to an office space, we will design and construct your loft conversion tailored to your needs. To view previous examples of our work visit our Portfolio section.

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"It's not very often I feel strongly enough to write to a company providing positive feedback on the quality of the workmanship. We’re extremely impressed with the service we have received and can't congratulate you enough on your excellent service, in both quality, and workmanlike manner. My wife & I are totally happy and will highly recommend you".

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Converting your loft can seem like a daunting prospect, with planning permission and building regulations to consider, the process can seem like a minefield. To help guide you we have compiled a list of FAQ's, however, if you have any further questions about loft conversions, we are only a call away!

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